Our Team

Core values are reflected primarily in the preservation of our high-quality employees, our key assets. Thanks to their experience, we are able to achieve extremely high goals. Teamwork allows us to approach every problem professionally and with diligence. Every client has the right to set their own specific requirements and we always strive to look at each of them individually to make sure that we offer the best option to meet their needs.

AVANTIS employees are experienced engineers and offer extensive technical expertise. Our goals are clear and strictly defined and a managerial vision is shared with all employees in the company. The structure of our organization is designed primarily for professionals. In striving to create a multi-disciplinary team, we made a lot of effort in creating our organizational chart and we carefully defined the requirements for each. This has helped in becoming a strong and stable organization that is willing to work just as effectively. Business is conducted in the Middle East and Africa, covering a wide area.