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    Electro-Mechanical Design and Engineering,
    Power generation and Consultancy.

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    Electrical Deliverables

    The design of electrical systems and
    installations that provide power, movement,
    communication, comfort and safety in
    modern construction.

  • Avantis Engineering

    Mechanical Deliverables

    Designs to provide the latest technological
    knowledge in mechanical systems applicable
    to a wide range of challenging applications
    with an emphasis on creativity and problem solving.

  • Avantis Engineering

    Sustainable Design

    As epic environmental and economic challenges converge,
    we are presented with a unique opportunity to advance
    green technologies for the 21st century.

  • Avantis Engineering

    Power Generation

    Avantis's Power Generation Services empowers
    its customers to achieve cleaner, smarter, and more
    efficient operations by helping them to
    control costs, expand revenue, maintain
    compliance and develop their people.


Mechanical Deliverables

  • Gravity/direct boosting domestic water distribution
  • Centralized/decentralized hot water systems
  • Solar/steam hot water systems
  • Domestic water treatment station
  • Sanitary waste and vent
  • Storm drainage network
  • Grey water system
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Medical gazes system (Compressed air, CO2, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, vacuum, helium, natural gas, nitrous oxide, waste anesthetic gas disposal)
  • Chilled water system (Water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, primary and secondary closed loop system)
  • Variable Refrigerants Flow (VRF)
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV)
  • Air handling units, fan coil units (Two or four pipes system)
  • Energy recovery wheel system
  • DX-Split units systems
  • Under floor treatment systems
  • Totally fresh air cooling system
  • Low temperature/humidity system
  • Hot water boilers, steam boilers, heat exchangers
  • Design of sprinkler system
  • Design of fire suppression systems (FM 200, CO2, dry powder)
  • Stand pipe class-I (Landing valve)
  • Stand pipe class-II (Fire hose cabinet)
  • Stand pipe class-III (Combined system)
  • Smoke management system
  • Integration of different building utility systems into one platform that helps for a centralized monitoring and controlling of the distributed systems from one location
  • Understanding the client's and projects requirements for the BMS system
  • Identifying the design criteria
  • Generating the documents to capture the required BMS system
  • Developing the I/O list and network
  • Production of layouts details and schematic diagram
  • Electrical Deliverables

    Lighting system

  • Conventional lighting systems
  • Intelligent lighting systems (KNX, DALI, etc,...)
  • Stage and theaters lighting system
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Software simulation and scenes
  • Power system

  • Medium voltage switchgears and protections
  • Feeders/cabling sizing
  • MV, LV transformers
  • Back up supply for critical loads
  • Diesel generators
  • Gas turbines
  • Panel boards and motor control centers
  • Low voltage distribution system including short circuit and voltage drop
  • Earth system
  • Lightning protection system
  • Data centers

  • Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 type
  • Structured cabling
  • Power systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Security systems
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Fire alarm system

  • Fire alarm and detection system
  • F&G system for power plants
  • Cause and effect matrix
  • Low current system

  • Structured Cabling Network (SCN)
  • Telephone system
  • Intrusion and access control system
  • Building management system
  • Closed Circuit Television system(CCTV)
  • Parking management system
  • Public Address (PA)
  • Audio Visual (AV) & Multimedia Information system
  • Master Antenna & Community Distribution TV (SMATV & CATV)
  • Digital Clock system
  • Nurse Call system
  • Hotel Intelligent system
  • Vertical transport calculation

  • Recent Projects

    Regulation and Codes AVANTIS designs are in accordance with the following standards, codes and regulations